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About The Curly Girl Guide

The method is about nourishing hair care, focusing on treating the hair the best way possible. Following the method, you seek to avoid products containing sulfates, silicone, mineral oils and drying alcohol. Moreover, you fill the hair with as much moisture as possible.

The method is about following specific steps throughout your haircare routine. Shampoos are not recommended, and instead you use a cleansing conditioner. However, we have added a sulfate free shampoo in our line, as the demand for such a product is big.

You should wash your hair one last time with sulfate shampoo, this is to remove residue of silicone from the hair. Then you can get started with your curl girl products. On each product you can see a number that indicates when the products should be used. There are 5 steps.

Yes, we highly recommend you to follow the 5 steps, due to the fact that you will see better results. Each step has a function and therefore it cannot be skipped. However, in the end it’s up to you! You should see this totally as you do with your skincare routine. You don’t want to skip the part with cleansing or moisturizing your skin, but maybe you don’t want to use a toner or serum. This can be skipped, however the full effect is not achieved.

Because the cleansers will “open” the hair and then the mask can penetrate the hair and do its job. You finish off with the conditioner to seal the hair and lock in the moisture.

Because the conditioner moisturizes and helps close the cuticle in your hair. Your hair is more tamed, shiny and healthy looking, while it is sealed in moisture.

Sulfates dry out your hair and silicones stick to the hair and create like a plastic film, preventing strands to absorb water and moisture. This will lead to dry and damaged hair that looks dull.

This differs a lot, however you should not expect to see overnight result, however you will see that your hair will get better day by day. For full result you have to stick to the method for at least 3 months. You should see this as a lifestyle, more than a quick fix.

How do I do it?

If you need a refresh on days where you do not wash your hair, use the leave-in conditioner spray for instant refreshing of curls. Spray it on dry hair and use your hands to scrunch your curls.

Before going to bed, you can make a “pineapple-updo” to keep your curls looking nice for the next day. Pull up your hair like you are doing a very high ponytail at the top of your head and secure loosely. The best thing is to sleep on a satin pillowcase, then you make sure your hair doesn’t get to messy.

If you work out a lot, instead of washing your hair with the 5-steps routine multiple times a week, you can rinse your hair in lukewarm water and only use step 3-5 after a workout session.

Brushing the hair is not recommended, as this will create a lot of frizz. You should use a wide-toothed comb in the shower while you condition the hair.

Avoid brushing your hair as much as possible. Detangle your hair with your fingers when wet, or brush with a wide-tooth comb.

Use a microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel and be careful not to rub the hair dry with the towel. Try to avoid heat from straighteners or blow-dryer. Use cold air function on the blow-dryer if you can. For extra wow-effect then plob your hair after shower. For a guide to plop, see section with “How to plop.”

To plob is basically to wrap the hair up in a cotton t-shirt after putting styling products in the hair. This is to get an extra wow effect as this will make your curls pop.

Start with freshly washed hair. The hair should be wet. Use leave in conditioner spray and finish with styling products. Find a cotton t-shirt and lay it on a chair with the sleeves closest to you. Flip your head forward so all your hair is in the middle of the t-shirt. Wrap the t-shirt around your head and tie the sleeves in a knot behind your head. Plop for 10-20 min, then diffuse or air dry!

Curly hair is more dry than other hair types, so the longer you can go without washing it, the better. 2-3 times a week is enough. Some can go a whole week without washing, and others have to do it on a daily basis. It’s up to you, however the fewer times you wash it a week, the more lush and healthy your hair will get.

The products

It is a good idea to use products from the same brand because they have a similar pH level, which makes you get the most out of your products. If you experience frizz, dryness and dull hair, it can be due to the pH level not working together in the different products you use.

As you know, you should use skincare products specific for your skin type, and the same thing is important with haircare products. Baby shampoo is made for baby hair, volume shampoo is made for thin and limp hair, and curly products are made for more demanding hair, that needs extra attention and moisture. This is an important knowledge and it will help you get the most out of your products. So, it’s not enough to find a product that complies with the curly method rules, it’s also important to see what kind of product it is, and what type of hair it’s made for.

Yes! All hair will benefit from sulfate free and silicone free products. If you have a bit of wavy hair you can use all 5 steps, and more texture can appear when following the method. If you have totally straight hair, you will not benefit from the curling gel, but the other products you can safely use and enjoy. They will make your hair soft and shiny.

You can find our products in your local Normal shop.

Yes, our products have a little amount of perfume in them, because the majority likes haircare products that has a nice scent. Don’t be fooled by the fact that some products have natural perfume that comes from essential oils. These are just as allergenic that regular perfume is.

No, our products do not contain protein, as we believe that a lot of people cannot use products with protein on a regular basis. Products with protein is something to use whenever there is a need for it.

Our products are made with a lot of moisture and ingredients that your hair will love every day.

Yes! We also care for animal welfare, so our products are all vegan.

The products have been created in Denmark by professional hairstylist and been produced in Italy by a manufacturer that has 75 years of experience in making professional haircare products for hair salons. We have combined Danish standards with Italian excellence and quality.